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Meet your puppeteers.  You are the puppet, these two gentlemen are your puppeteers.  These men control every value and belief you always thought were your own.  They are more powerful than your Congressman, more powerful than the Constitution, more powerful than the President, more powerful than the Pope.  They are even more powerful in your mind than Jesus Christ himself.  In fact it has been a major accomplishment of the media to have thrown Jesus and Christianity out of America's value system entirely.  Christianity used to be the foundation of America's morals and values.  Now America's morals and values (including yours) come from these two men and their predecessors.  Everything you think you believe was really invented by them.  They OWN you, they own your spouse and they own your children.  You are their property and you do their bidding.  They don't use a gun or other conventional weapon to win control over you.  That would be too crude and it would only gain control of your body, not your mind which is what they really want.  They control you through their control of your TV screen.  Every word you hear from NBC/MSNBC/CNN news ultimately comes from the two men pictured above.  They are the true rulers of America and therefore of the entire Western world.

The Bible it says that Satan is the father of all lies. In 21st century America Jeff Zucker and Andrew Lack are the closest thing we have to the fathers of lies.  Everytime Americans turn on their TV to hear the news they step into the spider's web of lies and deceptions set up for them by these two men.

Through their control of America's TV news Jeff Zucker and Andrew Lack support everything that is sick, depraved, twisted, destructive and unjust.  Similarly they oppose anything that is good, healthy, moral and right.  If you watch FOX News and then watch NBC/MSNBC/CNN you will think they are reporting on a different universe altogether.  Their networks ignore or twist out of shape any story that contradicts their destructive and depraved agenda.  They create "news" out of thin air and report it as though it is legitimate.  Jeff Zucker and Andrew Lack are by far the kings of FAKE NEWS.

* Based on reports obtained from on June 26, 2018